Wished You Were Dead
Wished You Were Dead
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Wished You Were Dead

The Time I Wished You Were Dead; There Was a Time When I Wanted You to Die; There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead; 君の死を望んでいた; 爱上恨之入骨的你; 네가 죽기를 바랄 때가 있었다;
Status Ongoing
  • Released 2021
  • Type Manhwa
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    Serialization Naver Webtoon
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    Synopsis Wished You Were Dead

    King Karloi of Croisen finds himself at odds with his position in life. His wife’s father, Duke Deluah, is angling for the throne, and as an outsider to the family, Karloi fears for his position. His frustrations have affected his marriage, though he finds himself questioning his cold approach to his wife, Evonne. He may no longer recognize her, but Evonne saved his life long ago, and was his first love. This is but one of many secrets Evonne bears the weight of, having fallen victim to a curse that prevents her from telling any secrets...


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