The Villainess Karuna Has Become a Child
The Villainess Karuna Has Become a Child
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The Villainess Karuna Has Become a Child

악녀 카루나가 작아졌어요, The Evil Girl Karuna Has Shrunk, The Villainess Caruna Has Become a Child, 恶女卡露娜变小了, 悪女カルナは小さくなりました, 악녀 카루나가 작아졌어요
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Type Manhwa
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Synopsis The Villainess Karuna Has Become a Child

카루나는 클레이엔이라는 여자를 황태자의 약혼녀로 만들기 위해 그 여자의 대역으로 연기하며 살아왔다. 그리고 대망에 고생길로 만들어낸 결과로 약혼자가 될 것이라는 선포하는 날이 다가왔다. 무도회를 즐기며 대역으로 살아왔던 인생을 마무리를 지으려고 하는 찰나, 증거 인멸 및 입막음을 위한 귀족의 뒤처리로 인해 배에 칼을 맞아 죽음의 위기가 찾아온다. 하지만 준비가 철저한 악녀 카루나는 마법의 약을 먹게 되었고 그 약으로 인해 몸이 작아지면서 어려진 모습이

In order to make Clayen, the daughter of Count Macarena, the prince’s fiancée, Karuna, who has lived her life pretending to be Clayen, committed all sorts of bad things. The day she finally became the prince’s fiancée, a sharp dagger sent by the Count pierced Karuna in her stomach.

Ah, what a cold feeling. I prepared for this day. The promise that you can turn your life back! But why didn’t I go back to the past, and why is it the next day? Why did my surroundings stay the same, yet I’m the only one who returned to being a child? And why are you doing this to me? Duke Bikeld, who even sent an assassin to me as we tried to poison each other? We couldn’t manage to kill each other, weren’t we the best of friends?

“I have finally found you, my mate.”

Shouldn’t you be saying, “Die, my friend”?


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