The S-Classes That I Raised
The S-Classes That I Raised
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The S-Classes That I Raised

내가 키운 S급들, My S-Class Hunters, The S-Ranks That I Raised, 내가 키운 S급들
Status Ongoing
  • Released 2021
  • Type Manhwa
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    Serialization Naver Webtoon
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    Synopsis The S-Classes That I Raised

    F급 헌터. 그것도 잘나가는 S급 동생 발목이나 잡는 쓸모없고 찌질한 F급 형. 개판된 인생 대충 살다가 결국 동생 목숨까지 잡아먹고 회귀한 내게 주어진 칭호, ‘완벽한 양육자’. 그래, 이번에는 나대지 말고 얌전히 잘난놈들 뒷바라지나 해 주자. 라고 생각했는데, S급들이 좀 이상하다.

    An F-rank Hunter. That too, a useless, pathetic F-rank hyung who dragged down his amazing S-rank brother.

    To me, who’d halfheartedly lived a disastrous life that’d ended up devouring my brother’s life and making me regress, the title given, was… ‘Perfect Caregiver.’

    That’s right, this time, instead of fussing about myself, let’s quietly look after those amazing bastards…

    …was what I’d thought, but the S-ranks are… a little weird.


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