The Ember Knight
The Ember Knight
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The Ember Knight

잔불의 기사, The Knight of Embers, The Last Knight From The Fire, The Last Knight of Embers, 残り火の騎士, 잔불의 기사
Status Ongoing
Author Hwandaeng
Type Manhwa
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Synopsis The Ember Knight

유일한 가족이자, 최고의 기사 유망주였던 쌍둥이 동생이 살해당했다. 천재적이었던 동생과는 달리 무예에 재능이 전혀 없지만, 동생의 복수를 위해 ‘강함’을 연기하기로 결심했다. 약해빠진 나는 복수에 성공할 수 있을까.

When Nagyunn’s twin brother, Najin, is murdered before his very eyes, he vows to avenge his brother’s death by assuming Najin’s identity. But although the two may look alike, when it comes to fighting, Nagyunn lacks the talent and skill his brother possessed. In order to successfully execute his plot for revenge, Nagyunn resolves to train himself to become the prodigious knight-in-training his brother once was. Will Nagyunn be able to keep his identity a secret before others begin to catch on to his act?


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