The Druid of Seoul Station
The Druid of Seoul Station
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The Druid of Seoul Station

서울역 드루이드, Seoul Station Druid, ดรูอิดแห่งสถานีโซล, 서울역 드루이드, 归来的异世界王者, 異世界王者德魯伊德
Status Ongoing
  • Released 2021
  • Type Manhwa
    Views 560
    Serialization Naver Webtoon
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    Synopsis The Druid of Seoul Station

    이세계로 사라진 뒤 천 년 만에 지구로 귀환한, 박수호. 그 사이 세상은 몬스터의 등장으로 철저한 약육강식의 세상으로 변해 있었다. 천 년 동안 처절한 생존경쟁으로 살아남은 동물의 왕 드루이드, 세계 정복에 나서

    What started out as an ordinary day turned upside down when an unknown catastrophe struck Earth, transporting Suho Park to a different planet.

    He eventually learns how to adapt and fight for his survival in this foreign world, but one day, just as suddenly as he was sucked into this new planet, Suho is pulled back to Earth.

    He quickly learns that return to life as he remembers it is no longer possible, as Earth is in constant battle with monsters who’ve managed to infiltrate the planet.

    How will Suho fight against the monsters attacking Earth, and will he be able to survive this time with his current skills?


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