Sekai no Owari no Sekairoku
Sekai no Owari no Sekairoku
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Sekai no Owari no Sekairoku

Encore of the World's End, Sekai no Owari no Encore, Летопись конца света, 세계 종언의 세계록, 世界の終わりの世界録, 世界终焉的世界录
Status Ongoing
Author SAZANE Kei
Type Manga
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Synopsis Sekai no Owari no Sekairoku

MF文庫J注目作、ついに連載開始! 伝説の英勇エルラインそっくりの容姿を持つ少年レンと伝説の竜姫キリシェの出会いから、伝説の再来が始まる!

The valuable treasure, the “Encore” which was left by the legendary Brave Hero Elline, has the recording of the end of the world and the reincarnation of the world. The countries and parties all over the world are searching for the location of its whereabouts; the age to fight for the Encore. The boy called Ren who wants to become a MASTERKnight has no talent in wielding swords despite looking exactly like the Brave Hero Elline, he has been having a lifestyle where people taunts him as the “Fake Brave Hero”. The one that appears in front of him is the legendary Dragon-Princess Krisc…



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