Searching for My Father’s Son
Searching for My Father’s Son
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Searching for My Father’s Son

내 아버지의 아들을 찾아서, Find My Dad's Child, Finding My Father's Son, 내 아버지의 아들을 찾아서
Status: Ongoing
Author: G.M
Type: Manhwa
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Synopsis Searching for My Father’s Son

귀족인 친부를 찾아 돈을 받고

현재의 가족과 행복하게 살고 싶은 제리코.

그렇게 찾게 된 친부는

무려, 영웅 에라프 아리보 공작이었다.

그러나 그는 죽음을 앞두고 있었고,

돈 받으러 왔다가 졸지에 공작위를 잇게 생긴 제리코.

그때 마침 구세주처럼 드래곤 슬레이어 소드가 말을 걸어왔다.

“주인의 숨겨진 아들을 찾아. 그럼 넌 자유야.”

공작위를 잇지 않으려면

내 아버지의 아들을 찾아야 한다!

“Find Eraph’s hidden son. Then you’re free.”

Jericho, a normal young woman who grew up in a village in the countryside, sets out one day to find her biological father, who turned out to be the hero, Eraph. The heirloom which was given to her was the ‘Dragon Slayer Sword,’ and her life completely changed after becoming the new owner of the sword… But Jericho only wanted to give up her inheritance and live a normal life with her sick mother!

The ‘Dragon Slayer Sword’ she had obtained told her that Eraph had another child, a son. Apparently, he could be: The master of the wizard tower’s son, Cency Daisy. The richest man in the continent, the eldest son of the Stars family, Rozen Stars. The son of Princess Lillier, Magnor Newpay. Out of these three candidates, she needs to find her real brother!