Saegusa-san wa Megane-senpai to Koi o Egaku
Saegusa-san wa Megane-senpai to Koi o Egaku
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Saegusa-san wa Megane-senpai to Koi o Egaku

三枝さんはメガネ先輩と恋を描く, Saegusa-san Manifests Love With Glasses-senpai, 三枝さんはメガネ先輩と恋を描く
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Synopsis Saegusa-san wa Megane-senpai to Koi o Egaku

一方メガネ先輩は三枝さんの無自覚SE●アピールに悶々しっぱなし。三枝さんも初彼なら、メガネ先輩も初彼女。どこまで手を出していいか分からず、戸惑うばかり!! 果たして、二人の恋はの行方は――!!?

Get ready for this romance comedy where a cool, expressionless girl and a serious boy get swept up in a steamy romance (and a bit of other things as well!) Saegusa-san is a cool lone wolf who in reality is asocial, a downer, and overall sucks at interacting with others. But she harbors a secret. She’s actually going out with her senior, referred to by everyone as Glasses-Senpai. In order to close the gap between them, every day Saegusa-san puts herself on the line (in more ways than one!) On the other hand, Glasses-Senpai is agonized over Saegusa-san’s unintentional sex appeal. If he is Saegusa-san’s first boyfriend, then she is his first girlfriend, and neither of them have any clue about how far they should go! Where will this romance end up?! Buckle in for this flirtatious romance comedy packed with 1,000,000% sugar!