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Return to Player

리턴 투 플레이어, 리턴 투 플레이어
Status Ongoing
  • Released 2020
  • Type Manhwa
    Views 474
    Serialization Naver Webtoon
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    Synopsis Return to Player

    게임은 클리어했지만, 그 끝은 배드엔딩이었다.

    인류의 종말.

    살아남은 플레이어는 단 한 명.

    모든 것이 끝나던 그 순간, 인류 최후의 플레이어는 하나의 메시지를 받게 된다.

    [싱글 모드를 모두 클리어하여 DLC상점이 오픈됩니다.]

    Ten years ago, a group of gods turned everyone on Earth into players of a sadistic game that forced them to kill monsters in real life — or be killed themselves. Sehan Kim has already seen how this game will play out: everyone in the world dies except for him. When he’s given the chance to go back in time and start a second playthrough, Sehan is determined to change the course of events and beat the gods at their own game.


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