Renkinjutsu Mujintou Survival
Renkinjutsu Mujintou Survival
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Renkinjutsu Mujintou Survival

Alchemy in No Man's Land!!, Island Surviving with Alchemy, Renkinjutsu Mujintou Survive, Renkinjutsu Mujintō Survive, 錬金術無人島サヴァイブ
Status Ongoing
Author IGUCHI Kon
Type Manga
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Synopsis Renkinjutsu Mujintou Survival

無人島に漂着した3人(捕虜と料理人と錬金術師)が、生き延びるために奮闘するファンタジーサバイバル! 無人島で最初にしなければならないことは? 水源確保はどうする? 食料集めのポイントは? 厳しくも、ちょっと楽しい生活を錬金術で乗り越えろ!

A fantasy survival where three people (a prisoner of war, a cook and an alchemist) struggle to survive on an uninhabited island! What do you have to do first on an uninhabited island? How do you secure a water source? What is the point of collecting food? Overcome a tough but a little fun life with alchemy!