Reincarnated As a Racehorse
Reincarnated As a Racehorse
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Reincarnated As a Racehorse

Reincarnated as a Racehorse, Tensei Kyousouba Ecchi-man, 転生競走馬 H-MAN エッチマン, Tensei Kyousouba H-MAN
Status Ongoing
Author akinaka
Type Manga
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Synopsis Reincarnated As a Racehorse

The popular jockey, Bunnami Ouma, is a natural etch man with outstanding technology. During the race one day, Bunnami loses consciousness due to an accidental fall accident. When I wake up, I’m a racehorse … sometimes naughty, sometimes hot. A masterpiece that once dominated the world on the WEB has appeared as a completely new work!