Preventing the Making of a Tyrant
Preventing the Making of a Tyrant
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Preventing the Making of a Tyrant

폭군의 흑화를 막는 법, How to Stop the Tyrant's Blackening, 怎样阻止皇帝的黑化, 폭군의 흑화를 막는 법
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Type Manhwa
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Synopsis Preventing the Making of a Tyrant

회귀를 거듭하면서 나에겐 꿈을 먹는 능력이 생겼다. 악몽에 시달리다 흑화 해버리는 황제를 구하기엔 딱이다. 황제에게 악몽을 심는 흑막 하츠 가문, 그 가문이 바로 내 가문이라는 것만 빼면 더 수월할 텐데. 흑막 가문의 엑스트라로서 분노한 황제에게 죽임당하길 여러 번. 이번 삶에서는 살기 위해 정체를 숨기고 직접 황제를 구해보는 거야…! “호, 혹시 도를 믿으십니까?!” 길에서 만난 그에게 접근하는 방법은 조금 독특했을지 몰라도… “정신이 멍하고,

In contrast to her past life in Korea, the storybook world Rayne Haatz inhabits is full of wonders—think dreamy powers, nobles inspired by card suits, and anthromorphs. There’s just one issue… her destiny in this world is to die! Luckily, it seems that someone wants her alive. In her fourth life, Rayne vows to stop her scheming family from giving Emperor Jaynen the dark nightmares that drive him mad and lead to her death. But after three deaths, has Rayne learned enough to change her fate? Or will her feelings for Jaynen complicate her plans?


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