My Brother's House Is Empty
My Brother's House Is Empty
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My Brother's House Is Empty

Celebrity Roommate; Oppa's House Is Empty; 哥哥家今天没人; 歐巴家裡沒有人; 오빠집이 비어서;
Status: Ongoing
  • Released: 2021
  • Author: Tae So-young
    Type: Manhwa
    Views: 261
    Serialization: Naver Series
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    Synopsis My Brother's House Is Empty

    Cha Eun Myeong a 3rd generation tycoon ran away from home after confronting his stepmother. She didn't want to bother Hee Young the only friend in the world anymore, but she had no choice but to stay in the house that Hee Young's second brother had vacated for a while. Just like that a month later, while she was just coming out of the bathroom, she encountered Hee Young's second brother and returned home without warning. But that older brother is Korea's top movie actor Je Jun Young'?!


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