Kore Egaite Shine
Kore Egaite Shine
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Kore Egaite Shine

Draw This, Then Die!, Kore Kaite Shine, これ描いて死ね
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
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Synopsis Kore Egaite Shine

Yasumi Ai. She’s a first-year high school student living on Izu Ōshima, an island that’s part of Tokyo prefecture. She loves to read manga, but a certain event triggered her to start thinking about “creating” manga. She begins to think about “creating” manga. What is the world that awaits her? A manga by Minoru Toyota, a manga artist who loves manga! The pain and joy of creating works of art. No expense is spared in this tale of growing up and manga adventure!Note: Won the 16th Manga Taisho Award in 2023.