Joou Heika to Yobanaide
Joou Heika to Yobanaide
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Joou Heika to Yobanaide

Please Don't Call Me Queen!, 女王陛下と呼ばないで
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Synopsis Joou Heika to Yobanaide

ひきこもりが女王に!? 貴公子達との王位争い、全力回避です!



ぜひ彼らの中から王様を! と奮闘するけど空回り。しかも「女王陛下に忠誠を」ってそれ誓約ですか? 求婚ですか?

平穏な日常を取り戻せ! ひきこもり姫の決死の抵抗の行方は――?

A recluse becoming Queen?! In a contest for the throne with scions of noble families, I’ll do everything in my power to avoid getting embroiled in it!

In the Kingdom of Lindtor, renowned for being governed by a wise ruler, I, Francesca, am the King’s granddaughter ― a homebody who delights in chess and staying indoors. However, in the wake of my grandfather’s sudden demise, it’s revealed that he nominated me in his will as a Queen candidate.

While I was stricken with panic, several young noblemen competing to become sovereign appeared before me: the radiant yet overbearing Stewart, the highly intelligent Cyan, and the captain of the knights, Irvine. “Please choose the King from amongst them!” I struggle hard against it, but my efforts are futile. Furthermore, 「I pledge my allegiance to you, my Queen.」 Is that supposed to be an oath, or a marriage proposal?

I’ll get back my peaceful and tranquil days!

What will result from this shut-in princess’ desperate resistance――?