Even the Villain Is Annoying
Even the Villain Is Annoying
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Even the Villain Is Annoying

악역도 귀찮아서, I'm Too Lazy to Be the Villain, Bahkan penjahatnya menyebalkan, Even the Villain Is Annoying, Even the Villainess Can Be Annoying, Even the Villainess Is Annoying, I'm Tired of Being a Villain Too, 악역도 귀찮아서
Status: Ongoing
Type: Manhwa
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Synopsis Even the Villain Is Annoying

“어차피 죽을 텐데 다 무슨 소용이야!”

현실에선 잘나가던 형사였던 나 ‘한비아’

어느 날 소설 속 사망 플래그가 떠버린 희대의 악녀 ‘올리비아’로 빙의했다.

주변에선 베르사체 백작 가문인 나를 황태자비 후보로 추천하지만,

‘귀찮다. 내가 굳이?’

이렇게 된 김에, 첫사랑 다니엘과 새 출발을 하는 거야!

과연 올리비아는 죽음을 피해 일도 사랑도 쟁취할 수 있을까?

Versace family! A house that produced many swordsmen and possessed a powerful force. Such a family perished. Due to the poisoning of the Crown Princess and the involvement of a foolish woman named Olivia de Versace. She was a woman who was pointed out as a rare ugly or evil woman because of her tall and heavy body.

I thought it was absurd when I possessed a novel character who is often referred to as a villainess. If you’re going to pretend to be a female lead, or something. Or the male protagonist. Anyway, shouldn’t it be a small supporting role? Even if it weren’t, I shouldn’t have gotten the passer-by’s appearance like this.