Eroi Skill de Isekai Musou
Eroi Skill de Isekai Musou
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Eroi Skill de Isekai Musou

エロいスキルで異世界無双; Another world with erotic skills
Status Ongoing
Author B-銀河
Type Manga
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Synopsis Eroi Skill de Isekai Musou

女神の手違いで異世界へと召喚されてしまった秋月靖彦。数多いる「勇者」の一人として、僅かな金と装備だけで放り出された彼が見たものは……“量産型勇者”が現地の冒険者にもバカにされる、そんな光景だった! これは過酷なファンタジーをHなスキルを武器に駆け抜け、やがて世界を救うことになるひとりの男の物語。

Yasuhiko Akizuki has been summoned to another world by mistake of the goddess. As one of the many “heroes”, he was thrown out with only a little money and equipment … It was such a scene that “mass production type heroes” were ridiculed by local adventurers! This is the story of a man who runs through a harsh fantasy with his H skills as a weapon and eventually saves the world.