Yamato no Hane - やまとの羽根
Yamato no Hane - やまとの羽根
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Yamato no Hane - やまとの羽根

やまとの羽根 ; Yamato no Hane Badminton Story
Genres: Seinen, Sports
Status: Completed
  • Released: 2003
  • Author: SAKI Kaori
    Type: Manga
    Views: 3244
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    Synopsis Yamato no Hane - やまとの羽根

    Daichi Yonekawa thinks that badminton is a girl's sport and is forced to practice with his twin sister, Yuki. Daichi finds himself playing Taka Tsubahara, the Japanese Junior Champion, because he is too bored "practicing" with his sister. He soon discovers the thrill of playing badminton and even quits his soccer team to practice badminton full time. He now aims to play against Taka Tsubahara once again but this time on equal grounds...


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