Keishichou Bijinkyoku - 警視庁美人局
Keishichou Bijinkyoku - 警視庁美人局
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Keishichou Bijinkyoku - 警視庁美人局

警視庁美人局 ; Keishichou Bijin Kyoku; Keishichou Tsutsumotase ; The Honey Trappers
Status Completed
  • Released 2006
  • Type Manga
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    Synopsis Keishichou Bijinkyoku - 警視庁美人局

    Stationed in the country side, Sawajiri Ai, a new recruit to the police force, didn’t think she would ever see any kind of action. So it comes as a shock to her when she is transferred to headquarters into a division she has never even heard about: the 82nd division. Also known as the Beauty Division, the female officers all are gorgeous woman with extraordinary talent and skills. They use their God given body to infiltrate and crush criminal organizations and wanted men. Ai has her work cut out for her since all the members are motivated as well as extremely “persuasive.”


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