Ten ni Kou
Ten ni Kou
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Ten ni Kou

天に恋う ; 天命之恋
Status: Ongoing
  • Released: 2013
  • Type: Manga
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    Synopsis Ten ni Kou

    An Oriental styled romance that transcends across time!
    Takamori Suzuka is a high school girl that isn't very good at talking to boys. One day, Suzuka was pushed into the ocean by a mysterious women and finds herself in Shao, a strange land that resembles China. Unable to communicate with the locals, a nonchalant young man, Gao Xing, and his handsome friend, Yong Yang, come to Suzuka's rescue. They turn out to be members of a noble family in Shao. Suzuka begins to warm up to Gao Xing and Yong Yang due to their kindness... but suddenly, Gao Xing proposes to her!?


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