Poor Poor Lips - プアプアLIPS
Poor Poor Lips - プアプアLIPS
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Poor Poor Lips - プアプアLIPS

プアプアLIPS ; Pua Pua Lips
Status: Completed
  • Released: 2006
  • Author: GOTO Hayako
    Type: Manga
    Views: 2587
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    Synopsis Poor Poor Lips - プアプアLIPS

    Nako is a poverty-stricken 21 year-old in desperate need of a job. She applies for a job at a jewelry store. When shop owner Ren identifies herself as a lesbian, the competition for the position evaporates, leaving only Nako. Ren asks her if her sexual orientation will be a problem, Nako sensibly replies that she's not interested, so she doesn't see any problem.


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