1 + 2 = Paradise
1 + 2 = Paradise
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1 + 2 = Paradise

1+2=パラダイス ; 1+2=Paradise ; Wan Purasu Tsū Ikōru Paradaisu ;One Plus Two Equal Paradise ; Ichi tasu Ni wa Paradise
Status: Completed
  • Released: 1988
  • Type: Manga
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    Synopsis 1 + 2 = Paradise

    Yusuke has some problems with his fear of women. It was caused by two female twins who were his childhood friends and were always teasing him. The problems get more complicated when said twins, who are in love with him after he saved them from a wild dog as a child, come back to town at the request of his father in order to help him overcome his fear. The twins will do everything in their power to make Yusuke theirs, even at the cost of his sanity.

    Note: The series met with the same problems as U-Jin's Angel. Because of that Kodansha's shonen version only has 4 volumes and was incomplete until Shobunkan completed the last fifth volume, republishing the series labeled as an adult manga instead of shonen, but with no real difference in the content.